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Kubb Farm is a family business located just outside the Kubb Capital of North America - Eau Claire, WI.

As the name suggests, we've got a few things going on. Kubb. Farm. And it's really that simple. Anyone in the farming business can tell you - it's hard to make it work these days. Unless you are a mega-farm or got a sweet inheritance, it's a tough choice to grow food for people. 

Most farms, therefore, have other things going on that really make it possible. In our case, we've got a family member who works off-farm - that helps with cash flow, insurance, and stability. And we've got a business plan that has a variety of revenue streams to help pay the bills and "keep the chickens in the coop." 

We Grow Food

Kubb Farm produces a variety of food products. We raise chickens for eggs and meat. Most of this is used by our family and some is sold to friends. We also raise vegetables, garlic, berries and fruits to varying degrees of success. Eventually, we hope our 10 acre farm can grow enough food for lots of folks. But we're not there, yet. As we grow our line of products, you will find them at our roadside stand or here on the website. Thank you for your support of our farming operation.


We Grow Kubb

In a diversified farm venture, there are always side jobs. Many farmers also act as mechanics, contractors, laborers, or, like my grandpa, school bus drivers. Here at Kubb Farm we service the kubb community.

We learned to play the game in 2007, and ever since we've been looking for ways to share and grow the game - with a shared mission - to unite people and create peace on earth!

As we played more and more, and taught more people, we found there was an unmet need for quality, properly sized kubb sets. We started to wholesale imported and domestic kubb sets, but found the suppliers lacking in customer service and the shared mission.

Over time, we developed the relationships both locally and globally to produce, sell and support our own line of kubb sets. As the popularity of the game grew locally, and a number of cottage producers emerged, the need for our business to provide sets waned. We have shifted our focus to education and promotion.

As a small family owned operation we want to thank you for your interest in our business.


Kubb Farmer - Aaron Ellringer - Holding what is thought to be the first King of the modern Kubb Revolution in Gotland, Sweden.

Kubb Farmer - Aaron Ellringer - Holding what is thought to be the first King of the modern Kubb Revolution in Gotland, Sweden.

Kubb unites people and creates peace on earth