kubb unites people and creates peace on earth

kubb Is for everyone

Whether you are a casual player, a professional on the tournament circuit, or just out to impress your neighbors with the finest skills known to man, kubb farm has you covered! We want to work with you to make kubb a positive part of your life. 

We specialize in Kubb.  We don't make other games, furniture or knick-knacks. Because of this we are able to focus on quality, playability, value and longevity. From our least expensive pine set all the way up to our finest walnut, we take the time to make each piece just right. When available, all of our sets meet US National Kubb Tournament specifications (except the mini, of course!) - and not just because our sets are used in tournaments - but because as long-time players of the game, we know that size matters! 

Passion for kubb

Nowhere will you find a company dedicated to growing the sport of Kubb like us. Rooted in the Kubb Capital of North America, we've been teaching and promoting the game for many years. Wait - did we just call it a game? No, it's a lifestyle.


Need a piece?

We sell and service many brands and types of kubb set. If you just ran over a kubb with your lawnmower, or rover just ran away with a baton - let us know, we likely have a piece that will fit with your set. We buy and sell used sets as well, so we always have parts in stock to fit your needs.