kubb Is for everyone

Whether you are a casual player, a professional on the tournament circuit, or just out to share the game with your friends and neighbors, kubb farm has you covered! We want to work with you to make kubb a positive part of your life. 

Passion for kubb

Nowhere will you find a company dedicated to growing the sport of Kubb like us. Rooted in the Kubb Capital of North America, we've been teaching and promoting the game for many years. Wait - did we just call it a game? No, it's a lifestyle. 2017 will be our first full year dedicated to teaching and preaching the game of kubb. From workshops out at the farm to dedicated "teach the teacher" events, we will be putting our full efforts to spreading the game. Contact us to see how you can be part of the Kubbolution!

Food is for everyone

Whether a casual eater or total foodie, Kubb Farm hopes to grow food for you. We come from a long line of family farmers and are struggling to keep the tradition alive. In 2017 we move to a more full-time position of growing food for friends and neighbors. We are also serving as hosts for a variety of sustainability and farm themed workshops held in our outdoor classroom. Look to us for events on scything, haymaking, bio char, fossil-fuel free farm machinery, hugelkulture, invasive species control, raising poultry and goats and MORE!