We are available for private and group Kubb lessons. We have extensive experience teaching anyone and everyone how to play the game! We have taught thousands of people around the world how to play. In addition to those just getting started in the game, we also offer one-on-one and group lessons for advanced play. Let us know - we can help advance your game! Lessons will take place at the farm or at the Oxbow Hotel, where Aaron is the on-site Kubb Professional. 

How to Play

Here's quick animated video made right here in the Kubb Capital of North America by a Kubb Farm customer

The Rules We Use

We play by tournament rules. And there's another rule we learned in Sweden that we really like. Wherever you are playing, whoever is in charge (the king, the landowner, the set builder, or my dad if you're at the Kubb Farm) gets to decide the rules! 

US National Kubb Championship Rules

Events and Tournaments

Kubb Farm has decades of experience organizing events. We would love to help you find ways to make Kubb a part of your next event. We also offer full tournament support, from handling registrations and tournament design, securing trophies and prizes, collecting sponsors and on-the-ground logistics.