winter kubb

This is our new black winter kubb set, ready to go on the home pitch aka "the Oasis". The kids spray painted it. Winter doesn't end Kubb play for Champions. There is no "off" season for the Ringers here in the Kubb Capital. In fact, things are starting to get a little hot around here. Hot in the sense that our community is really learning to embrace the game of kubb and is investing time and resources to make sure more people are playing the game. And we're selling a lot of Kubb sets, too, which is hard evidence that Kubb is a growing trend around here.

Since we live in Wisconsin, Winter Kubb is equated with snow and ice kubb. Elsewhere in the MidWest you'll find it associated with indoor kubb, which is awesome too, but I've never had the opportunity to play it. I like to be outside.

But my favorite kind of Winter Kubb is played on a beach in a hot, remote location.

Loving life.

This is when we can truly relax and enjoy the game. A highlight is teaching and meeting new people from around the world. Making Vitamin D while toning the drill and the 8 Meter. This is unobstructed all out Kubb paradise. By no means can you call this a vacation. We're talking rigorous, epic games that can last all day. Harsh winds, diving seagulls and wild dogs are your enemy. The cool ocean and wandering fruit vendors offer needed relief.

A few tips for those of you planning a Kubb vacation:

  • Don't put your set in a carry on, it should be packed for underneath. Come on, I've seen you with a baton - that IS a weapon!
  • The science of raising kubbs must be studied from all angles

    Bring a used or damaged kubb set. The sand will gently fill holes and sand off rough edges. You can leave the set with a local, or bring it home seasoned. Another option is to have a new set shipped to your vacation destination. Again, leave the set with a local or at the hotel - you know they are going to love it.

  • Be ready for questions and meeting new people. Folks wandering the beach tend to be naturally curious and adventuresome and highly attracted to Kubb. Plan to spend time explaining the game and inviting folks in to learn. I've taught folks to play without speaking a word, just movement!

This is something the whole family can settle into for the day.