Kubbin' to Kick Cancer

In the midst of Radiation treatments for Prostate Cancer, Dave made the roadtrip to Kasson to play more kubb. When Dave heard of this Tournament being held, he signed up immediately. What could be more appropriate? It was basically his life motto as the name of a Tournament. I wasn't able to attend, so Dave took his grandson Colton on a road trip to the tournament.

Since I wasn't there I don't have much to say. They fought to the top and lost against Dos Padres, bringing home second. It has always been the goal of our local Kubb club to make sure the game is all inclusive. We regularly teach to kids and know that women can be as good or better than men. This is not an exclusive sport, it's for everyone. That's why the Ringers have chosen to include women and children on our team whenever possible.

Second Place, still a big trophy!

When Dave and Colton made it to the Championship match, it wasn't a surprise. Some people might say "wow, a kid made it that far?" I say "Of Course! This is the future of kubb!"